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We have outlined answers to questions that are sometimes asked to Henn na Hotel Tokyo Haneda.

Can I make a reservation by telephone / e-mail?

Please make a phone call to our reservation center (050-5894-3783) from 10:00 to 18:00.

How many rooms can I make a reservation in one time on the internet?

You can make a reservation up to 4 rooms. If you would like to book more than 5 rooms please contact our reservation center.

Can I change/cancel my reservation details by phone/emails?

You can change/cancel your reservation details by phone/emails as long as you make a reservation through our reservation center.If not, we would kindly ask you to change/cancel your reservation details by yourself through the booking site you have made a reservation with.

Is it possible to have breakfast before 5:30?

Unfortunately, you cannot have breakfast before 5:30, however, we can make a breakfast box. please let us know in advance – the day before your arrival date.

How can I make a reservation for the free shuttle bus?

We are afraid that it is a first come first basis. Please check out and line up before the departure.

Where can I smoke cigarettes?

Only outside. If you go outside from the main entrance, you will find a designated smoking area on your left.

When are cancellation fees charged?

For reservations of 10 guests or less, the cancellation fee will be charged from the day before the arrival date.
A cancellation fee of 20% will be charged the day before the reservation, and the full amount will be charged if non notification is received on the day of the reservation/
For reservations of 11 to 99 persons, the cancellation fee will be charged from 20 days prior to the reservation date.

What are the check-in and check-out time?

Check-in is from 15:00(till 24:00) and check-out is ~11:00.
An extension fee will be charged for use of the room after check-out time.
After 1:00 p.m., 100% of the room charge will be applied only if there are rooms available on the day of check-in

Is it possible to check-in after 12:00PM?

Yes, It is possible. However, please call the hotel or ring the intercom next to the front door after 24:00 because the hotel entrance is locked after that time.

Tell me about sleeping with kids

Children under 6 years of age who sleep in the same bed as an adult will not be charged the child’s room rate.
Single 1 person (+ up to 1 accompanying child), Double max 2 people (+ up to 1 accompanying child), Twin max 2 people (+ up to 2 accompanying children), Twin Extra max 3 people (+ up to 2 accompanying children) Family Suite max 4 people (+ up to 3 accompanying children), Corner Suite max 3 people (+ 2 accompanying children)
For children only using beds or sleeping with children over 6 years old, the same room charge as for adults will apply.
No amenities, towels, pillows, etc. will be provided for children sleeping with an adult.

Is it possible to use the restaurant on the same day?

Yes. Please come directly to the restaurant.
【Breakfast Rates】
12 years and older / 1,500 yen (tax included)
6-11 years / 700 yen (tax included)
0-5 years / free

I left something at the hotel

Storage policies vary depending on the item you left.
【Valuables】As soon as we find the item, we will notify the customer. If we are unable to contact you, we will keep the items at the hotel for 7 days, and on the 8th day, we will report them to the police as lost property.
【Food and beverage】 items will be disposed of immediately without storage due to sanitary reasons.
【Other items】 After 14 days of storage, we will dispose of the items on the 15th day. (The hotel will not contact you).

Are there separate bathrooms and toilets?

Only Theater twin room, Theater triple rooms, LG styler triple room are separate.

Are pets allowed to stay?

Pets are not allowed to stay overnight. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Can I put my luggage before check-in or check-out?

Available at the baggage port in front of the front desk or hotel staff also keep your luggage.

Can I send my luggage to the hotel in advance?

It is possible, but please observe the following


Method: Please make sure to pay by pre-paid postage. We will not accept any payment on delivery. (Temporary payment is also not acceptable.)
Shipment: Please specify the day before or on the day of your stay.
Please be sure to write the full name of the person who made the reservation on the packing slip when you send the package.


Please note that we cannot accept perishables, hazardous items, items with a strange odor, cash, valuables, medicines, letters, fragile items, dangerous items, and items that require temperature and humidity control such as cool delivery.
In such cases, shipping and return charges will be borne by the customer (e.g., cash on delivery, etc.). Please understand this in advance.

Do you have a stroller available for rent?

We afraid that we do not have stroller for rent.

Do you have non-smoking rooms?

All rooms in the entire building are non-smoking

Shuttle bus time schedule

Please check our website “access” page